Brownfield Soil Survey

Our brownfield soil survey has been specifically tailored to the needs of landscape architects and contractors to address the information shortfall and can be carried out in conjunction with a standard Phase II contaminated land investigation.

Often a Brownfield site has no obvious soil resources for landscaping and materials present are likely to have been contaminated and/or physically degraded.

Information gathered from environmental and geotechnical studies often do not provide the details needed to make informed decisions related to soft landscaping.

Soil issues related to plant growth such as drainage potential, stone content, basic chemistry and fertility need to be considered if Brownfield site materials are to be successfully reused for soft landscaping.

Wherever possible, our service will identify brownfield site materials/soils that can be reused for soft landscaping.

SOCOTEC's services will help to:

  • Provide understanding of the nature of site materials in relation to plant growth
  • Maximise the reuse potential of site materials for landscaping
  • Reduce site material imports and exports
  • Improve the health of soft landscape areas
  • Match plant types to soil conditions

There are three principle elements to this service:

  • Reconnaissance survey: Soil survey to identify site resources that have potential for reuse in soft landscaping
  • Laboratory analysis: Laboratory analysis to assess relevant soil characteristics, including drainage potential, fertility and contamination in relation to the proposed end use
  • Report preparation: Comprehensive report presentation of findings and discussion of material quality in relation to proposed landscaping scheme


Full recommendations are given to maintain and/or improve soil conditions, including consideration for topsoil manufacture.