Infrastructure & Energy

SOCOTEC provides an unrivalled range of testing, inspection and compliance services to the infrastructure & energy sectors.

SOCOTEC provides an unrivalled range of infrastructure, testing, inspection and compliance services to all Civil Engineering Contractors, Consulting Engineers, Public sector and commercial organisations, and is the UK's leading testing, inspection and compliance services to the energy and waste sector.

From preliminary geotechnical investigations, through foundations and construction materials testing, together with an extensive range of environmental chemistry, energy and waste analysis capabilities, SOCOTEC plays a vital role in delivering projects on time, to budget and safely. 

As the UK market leader, SOCOTEC understands how your industry is evolving and offers a flexible testing, inspection and compliance service package to help you transition. With a long history in the energy sector which can be traced back to internal technical departments within British Coal, a team of the most experienced experts and the largest environmental chemistry laboratory in the UK, SOCOTEC is well positioned to provide the solutions that your business requires.

We pride ourselves on our client-focussed approach and continual drive to exceed expectations through our leading technical expertise, operational excellence and technological innovation.

Major power generators and waste management companies, including Drax Group plc and FCC Environment benefit from SOCOTEC's wealth of industry experience.

Infrastructure & Energy Services

Foundations & Structures

SOCOTEC is the leading independent provider of foundation testing services and structural condition surveys offering an extensive range of testing methods and data provision.


The legacy of our industrial past combined with natural geological conditions increasingly impacts on land use and development. With their specialist knowledge and wealth of experience, SOCOTEC's geoenvironmental consulting team provide solutions to ground related and environmental problems to ensure economic viability, safety, legal compliance and most of all sustainability.

Ground & Marine Investigation

SOCOTEC is the UK’s market leading provider of geotechnical site investigations. Expert field operations backed up by UKAS accredited analytical testing and proven technical support draw on over 80 years’ experience in delivering high quality services.

Infrastructure Materials Testing

From simple soil testing to the provision of fully equipped site laboratories, our directly employed site and laboratory technicians are trained to undertake a comprehensive range of infrastructure materials testing. Operating to UKAS accredited* procedures and test methods, SOCOTEC provides information that enables our clients to make well informed cost and programme decisions.

Specialist Services

SOCOTEC is one of the UK’s leading providers of technical services, offering a full range of metallurgical, materials science and component testing services.

Chemical Analysis

As part of the specialist chemistry laboratory, chemical analysis is used to identify unknowns, quantify contamination levels and much more.

Energy Supply & Regulation

As an established provider, SOCOTEC offers testing, inspection and compliance services to some of the largest power generators nationwide.

Power Generation & Transmission

As an established provider, SOCOTEC offers testing, inspection and compliance services to some of the largest power generators nationwide.

Environmental Chemistry

SOCOTEC specialises in the testing and analysis of soils, waters, leachates, effluents, industrial wastes, marine waters and sediments from our accredited laboratories.

Nuclear Chemistry

SOCOTEC's well-established radiochemical laboratory offers the nuclear industry a broad range of radiochemical testing and analysis services on a variety of sample matrices.

Oil, Lubricant & Fluid Condition Testing

SOCOTEC's lubrication and fluid condition testing team provides a complete condition monitoring service using industry standard accredited analytical procedures combined with an internet-based leading trend analysis software package.