Assurance Audits ensure that programmes are being run effectively, meeting key objectives and complying with legislative and company policy requirements.

Asbestos Assurance Audits

SOCOTEC has the technical knowledge, experience and accreditation to oversee asbestos surveying and/or removal programmes ensuring:

  • Surveyors and contractors are competent and suitable for the work
  • Surveys meet legislative requirements
  • Information from surveys is controlled, managed and communicated
  • A suitable and sufficient level of site and desktop auditing is implemented
  • Issues and actions are fed back and managed

CDM Assurance Audits

CDM 2015 covers concept to completion of a structure's life. The assurance audit on behalf of clients is a mechanism to delve into the ways duties are discharged on each project and ensure that clients have not only the right processes in place, but that they are physically working as intended during the life of a project. From understanding the passage of risk information, the application of the Principles of Prevention through design, to the measures in place for health and safety files presented in ways that end users get value from - the assurance audit covers all elements of CDM compliance through the entire project. The audit is not intended to focus on site "safety" conditions during the build. Its focus is on the various elements of a project's life - through design AND construction phases, identifying where and how risk is managed and mitigated.

Risk Management Assurance

Risk Assurance helps management to make well informed decisions. The insight and independent assurance we bring provides an invaluable safeguard in today's complex operating environment. We work with our clients in their boardrooms and their back offices, delivering business control to help them to protect and strengthen every aspect of their business from people to performance, systems to strategy, business plans to business resilience.

We draw on our vast auditing knowledge as well as our commercial experience, to rigorously evaluate our clients' governance procedures, processes, information and controls and, where necessary, recommend the best way to improve them.

Sustainability Assurance Audits

We assist our clients in the areas of corporate governance and business ethics, environmental health and safety management, social responsibility, strategy and economics, responsible supply-chain management, and reporting and assurance of non-financial information.

We can:

  • Help you develop a corporate responsibility / sustainability strategy that is focused on key issues for your business and its stakeholders and adding social, environmental and economic value
  • Assess sources of reputational risk and implementing measures to mitigate these risks
  • Improve understanding of how your sustainability reporting and/or performance measures up against your own standards, your peers and best practice
  • Enhance relationships with key stakeholder groups
  • Improve the management of corporate responsibility / sustainability risks and opportunities.

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