Reducing risk and related costs are fundamental to effective asset management. Asset Fit monitors the condition of your fixed assets 24/7, enabling you to identify potential problems before they occur while avoiding costly interventions at a later stage.

Asset Fit may be installed to protect all types of infrastructure – from essential utilities such as power stations, roads and railways through to river embankments and coastlines, or indeed any location that requires remote monitoring. Vitally, it is designed to operate throughout the full life of an infrastructure, from construction through to decommissioning.

Supporting designers and engineers

Evolving technology means that remote data capture is at the forefront of asset management, and permanent monitoring now forms an integral part of any major infrastructure project. As well as benefiting the end user, Asset Fit supports both designers and engineers, as it enables them to offer their clients a permanent monitoring solution as part of their service.

We are able to design and install a complete system from the ground up, or evaluate and update an existing one installed by another provider. We also offer a range of bespoke service and maintenance packages, either to fully-manage your monitoring capability, or to support your in-house team.

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