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    Selecting the right monitoring instrumentation for your needs is of critical importance. Whether you are a third-party provider or an end-user, Asset Fit equips you with the technology and expertise to deliver a world-class solution.

    In our experience, some 80% of monitoring problems result from poor installation, inappropriate instrumentation or misreading of data. Our engineers have an in-depth understanding of the products they install, and you can be confident that the solution we provide is fit for purpose.

    When introducing Asset Fit to an infrastructure project, we work to a systematic five-step approach:

    1. Consultation
      We consult with you to understand your precise needs, the issues that need to be resolved and the level of support you require, to arrive at a bespoke solution.
    2. Monitoring design plan
      We offer our recommendations and provide you with a detailed estimate of costs.
    3. Set-up & installation
      We set up the project, configure and test the instrumentation and install it onsite, before carrying out a final inspection and field test.
    4. Handover
      We deliver a detailed handover report and familiarise your project team with the system, including training on the data visualisation platform.
    5. Monitoring & ‘ActiveSupport'
      We proactively monitor your data delivery and provide system performance testing, incident support and ongoing maintenance.

    The Asset Fit Team

    Client Relationship Manager
    Project Manager
    Active Support
    Installation Team
    System Installation Manager

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