The backbone of topographic survey has probably been the production of maps and plans. Architects require clear and accurate information as a foundation on which to develop design concepts.

Whilst 2-dimensional plots are still useful for many applications, the continual advance in computing power and in particular computer aided design (CAD), has resulted more and more in this information being used digitally. Sophisticated surveying software can now manipulate huge amounts of 3-D spatial data quickly and output it into useful formats used as standard throughout the construction industry. Increasingly, this data is forming the basis of many GIS applications.

Digital terrain models (DTM's) are invaluable to architects, engineers and quantity surveyors for design purposes, calculation of accurate volumes and the subsequent costing of packages.

Experience, Equipment & Methods

As with any aspect of design, the end product can only be as good as the information it is based on, thus it is vital that data is not only accurate but also relevant to the project. The initial topographic survey is sometimes overlooked and seen as an area to save money. In fact it is a small fraction of the total overall cost.

We have undertaken a vast number of topographic surveys of varying size, complexity and location. We are capable of working anywhere in the UK or abroad, and are renowned at being efficient in meeting deadlines. We believe it essential to be flexible in our approach and liaise closely with clients, in order to fully understand their requirements.

Some of the recent jobs completed include surveys for the re-development of Fareham (Hants) and Newport (I. of W.) Town Centres, Merton Priory Site (Mitcham) and numerous Long Term Car Park Sites (Stansted Airport).

All of our surveyors are extremely experienced in topographic work. We use modern total stations, which are fast, accurate and reliable. For large open works, we can often utilise our real time GPS equipment, which increases speed and efficiency and ultimately means a faster turn around time for the client. On board data logging ensures quick and error free transfer of data into our survey processing software.

We use a number of surveying packages which support transfers into most major design applications, including AutoCAD and Intergraph. We find this the most widely requested format and our surveyors are fully competent in its use. This means we can ensure that drawings issued are layered to specific client requirements, keeping the amount of editing and re-working needed to a minimum.

Digital data we can supply is ideal to form the base information for many GIS and LIS applications.

Setting Out

Earthworks for major construction projects often form a large part of any contract. Design information needs to be transferred onto the ground in a useful manner in order for contractors to complete construction works. Wooden pegs, steel pins, profile boards and batter rails may not seem technical at first sight, but setting out of such information is an important role of the surveyor.

We have extensive experience in the construction and survey industry. This gives us an advantage, as we fully understand the setting out requirements for numerous project types.

We have been involved in a large variety of schemes such as the initial earthworks of major construction projects, road alignments and other types of pavement construction, new housing developments, piling location and boundary demarcation.

As we are able to draw on our large store of modern survey kit, the equipment and methods we employ are always relevant to the job. On board data storage and dedicated software lends itself to efficient, accurate work, which ultimately means a faster service for our clients. An important aspect of this is the ability to record as-built data of setting out information so that QA checks and records are available quickly.

For large open sites we are able to utilise our real time GPS equipment which can further increase efficiency.

We believe in a flexible approach and close liaison with all concerned parties, in order to achieve the product our client ultimately desires.

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