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    We offer a range of dedicated software tools to best fit your needs

    The interpretation of data is paramount to the successful running of any monitoring project.  Your data is collected using an array of on-site sensors and is accessed remotely via a secure online dashboard. Functions include graphing, imaging, layering, reports and site overviews – all of which may be aggregated into a single page or set of pages.

    System checks

    We check your system daily to ensure that it is working at optimal efficiency. We also monitor your data reading and check for automated alarms – such as notifications of failed communications to data loggers, missing data, or failed uploads. In the event of a problem, we’ll fix it immediately or contact you with our recommendations on how to resolve the issue. We are also able to assess fluctuations in data – for example, differentiating between a genuine incident that requires attention and a simple spike caused by a temporary impact.

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