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    Environmental Testing and Analysis -
    Environmental Science Services

    Through environmental testing, we offer your business an understanding of the quality and impact of water, air, soil, waste, and other products on both human health and the environment.

    Whether you're in construction, infrastructure, or energy, our environmental testing services delivered by a team grounded in real-lived expertise, guides your business towards more sustainable and safer practices. From one-off testing to a continuous commitment to safety and sustainability, we are your trusted partner every step of the way.

    We offer independent accredited services with unrivalled turnaround times, technical expertise, and a commitment to data integrity. Our team, with deep roots in on-site and in-lab experience, ensures that every analysis is grounded in substance. From the largest testing facilities in Europe to our commitment to problem-solving, we bring a plain-speaking, data driven approach to environmental testing and science.

    Identifying the unknown through chemical investigation

    characterising unknowns

    A guide for businesses, police, hospitals & councils

    From industrial factories to crime scenes and everyday households, uncover how precise identification empowers organisations to prevent risks and safeguard health and safety in our blog. 

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    What do 3G pitches really contain?

    Specialist chemistry

    The hidden health concerns in rubber crumb

    Read our blog to gain insights into the health implications of 3G pitches' rubber crumb infill. Stay informed, and let's advocate for safer playing surfaces together.

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    Environmental testing expertise across industries

    Our services extend across a diverse range of sectors, from construction and manufacturing, to marine and agriculture. Each facet of our environmental testing offering is designed to ensure compliance, safety, and sustainability throughout the entire project life-cycle.

    Analytical excellence in environmental chemistry

    Our Environmental Chemistry team comprises experts in testing and analysing soils, waters, leachates, effluents, and industrial wastes from our accredited laboratories. We explore the details, providing actionable insights that contribute to a cleaner and safer environment.

    Leadership in nuclear environmental analysis

    We hold over 40 years of experience in the nuclear sector in the fields of valuation, validation, verification, and certification. Our expertise in Nuclear Environmental Analysis ensures precision and reliability in every assessment.

    Cutting-edge solutions in advanced chemistry and research

    Our advanced chemistry and research lab is a hub for identifying unknown materials and quantifying contamination levels. With a foundation in international standards, our team delivers high-quality analytical solutions through independent test facilities.

    Our experience stems from extensive research and development, laboratory testing of materials, quality assurance and on-site practical work. Testing is carried out to international standards including BS, ISO and ASTM standards, by ICORR and NACE qualified paint inspectors from our accredited laboratory.

    Renewable energy support and compliance

    For renewable energy projects, we partner with businesses to ensure compliance, safety, and optimisation, contributing to a sustainable future throughout the project life-cycle with testing and analysis. 

    Marine sediment testing and engineering and oils

    We provides marine testing support, minimising environmental impact. Our engineering and oils testing services offer complete condition monitoring using industry-standard accredited analytical procedures.

    Forensic expertise

    In forensics, our team specialises in the examination and analysis of drugs of abuse. With extensive services and consultancy, we bring forth evidence in criminal and civil court cases.

    Accredited asbestos testing services

    With UKAS accredited laboratories across the UK, we offers a full range of asbestos surveys, adhering to the latest Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidance. From bulk sampling to analysis, our services ensure compliance with ISO17020 and HSG248 and HSG264 guidelines.

    MiPortal: transparent progress tracking

    Our Environmental Science team processes hundreds of environmental samples daily, each tracked through our UKAS-accredited laboratory process. Through MiPortal, our unique and secure workspace, clients stay well-informed about the progress of their samples, instilling complete confidence in the quality of our data.

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    Our approach to environmental testing

    Expert Guidance

    A network of expertise

    Our approach to environmental testing and science is grounded in a network of expertise. From construction to marine projects, we bring together a team of specialists with real-lived experience. This wealth of knowledge ensures that our environmental testing services offer actionable insights grounded in the practical realities of diverse industries. Our commitment to expertise ensures that your business receives guidance that's not scientifically sound and relevant to the challenges you face.

    Problem Solving

    Plain speaking, problem-solving

    Our team, with experience both on-site and in the lab, adopts a straightforward and problem-solving style. From identifying unknown materials in chemical investigations to uncovering the health concerns in 3G pitches' rubber crumb, our services communicate complex findings in a way that's clear, accessible, and solution-oriented. We highlight problems and provide practical solutions, ensuring that our insights can be integrated into your business practices.

    Data Driven

    Data-driven approach

    Our data-driven approach ensures that every analysis is not just a result but a substantiated insight. From environmental chemistry to nuclear environmental analysis, we adhere to international standards and employ cutting-edge techniques. This commitment to data integrity, combined with our UKAS-accredited laboratories, ensures that our clients receive results they can trust.

    Delivering Safety

    Building for tomorrow

    In every environmental testing service we provide, we are not just focused on the present but dedicated to building for tomorrow. From renewable energy support to marine monitoring, our services contribute to a sustainable future. Our analytical excellence and commitment to problem-solving not only address current challenges but also lay the foundation for smarter, more environmentally responsible practices. We work as your partner in building a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable world for the generations to come.

    Let's talk environmental testing and science

    We're here to link you with the right expertise, the right service, and the right solutions for your unique environmental and safety challenges. Get in touch with our environmental science experts today.