Water Treatment Equipment

One of the more frustrating aspects of maintaining closed systems such as LPHW, Chilled and Closed Condenser Water circuits used to be the lack of guidance for these systems once the buildings were “handed over”.

The latest guidelines (BG50) attempt to provide recommendations for on-going sampling with parameters for both chemical and microbiological activity within these closed circuits.

For many years, the vogue has been to take just one sample from the free-flowing system as indicative of waterside conditions; the new guidance recommends where to take samples from and what to analyse for to ensure you see a bigger picture.


Professional Advice

SOCOTEC has over 100 years of technical experience within its consultancy business and can ensure you exhibit best practice compliance within your particular closed systems. More and more we see litigation from poorly maintained systems; let SOCOTEC provide professional, common-sense advice and help to maintain your systems in a healthy, hygienic condition to last the length of your building’s lifetime.


Maintaining your Waterside Conditions for Extended Longevity

Our highly experienced and qualified specialists provide a market leading service offering the assurances of compliance with legislation and regulations, coupled with technical support to help maintain your waterside conditions leading to extended longevity.


SOCOTEC Undertakes a Range of Water Treatment Services, which Include:


SOCOTEC Manufactures and Supplies the Following WRAS Approved Water Treatment Equipment:


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Cobra Cyclone Separator - How it Works

Driven by the inlet pressure, the water or liquid with particles enters the top chamber at a tangent causing a rotation, and accelerates through the tangential slots/holes in the top section of the separator, down into the centre section of the separator. This flow creates rapid rotation within the centre sector.

The rotation of the liquid forms a vortex in the centre of the separator. The centrifugal action forces the separation of heavy particles from the water. The separated particles accumulate in the bottom collection chamber where they are periodically purged.


Cobra Cyclone Separator - Benefits

COBRA Cyclone Separators have no moving parts or filter elements, screens, bags or media. Therefore, they have many advantages compared to conventional filtration methods.

  • Major cost savings achieved with cobra cyclones
  • Large savings in filter elements and media cartridge replacement
  • No cleaning costs
  • No down time, so you do not need to stop the production or process to change filter elements
  • Low water or liquid loss by purging of COBRA Separators compared with major losses by backwashing of automatic strainers or sand media filters
  • Low consistent pressure loss. Pressure drop remains constant despite variations in dirt loading of the liquid.


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