Steam Raising Boilers

SOCOTEC has extensive experience in operating water treatment programmes, with over 160 leading industry professionals in water hygiene, treatment and equipment across the UK.

In accordance with BS 2486: 1997: Recommendations for treatment of water for steam boilers & water heaters, SOCOTEC supports clients and provides advice on the overall safety of operating the entire boiler water system.

Our nationwide team of consultants and technical experts can assist in preventing deposition of salts and other unwanted debris, as well as minimising corrosion and degradation of wetted surfaces that come into contact with water, steam or condensation.

In addition to this, SOCOTEC can take the lead with the protocol of maintenance of high heat transfer efficiency within the boiler system and maintain the quality of any generated steam for any process applications.

Our chemical programmes include:

  • Catalysed oxygen scavengers
  • Alkalinity buildings
  • Polymer phosphates
  • Filming amines
  • Neutralising amines

Pre-treatment/dosing includes:

  • Pumps
  • Water softeners
  • Reverse osmosis units
  • Cobra Cyclonic Separators
  • Bespoke Engineering Applications
  • Spectrophotometric Test Kits


If you would like to find out more about SOCOTEC’s steam raising boiler services, please contact us.