Laboratory Analysis of Occupational and Environmental Dust and Vapours

With an extensive range of UKAS accredited laboratory services, SOCOTEC can analyse dust, particulates and vapours from a variety of sources, and on a range of media, to help clients comply with health, safety and environmental regulations.

Our specialist dust laboratory performs the following accredited analyses:

  • Testing of workplace exposure samples for respirable and total inhalable dust and other substances hazardous to health, such as respirable quartz
  • Testing of nuisance environmental dust samples for construction, landfill and development projects including long term deposition and boundary studies
  • Dust speciation and particulate identification using Scanning Electron Microscopy techniques

As well as providing laboratory analysis, SOCOTEC has nationwide teams of sampling technicians that specialise in testing for workplace exposure to substances that are hazardous to health, environmental air quality, and building hygiene / indoor air quality.  We can deploy fully qualified field technicians to monitor the site and obtain samples, clients can submit samples taken with their own equipment or they can make use of our instrument hire, maintenance and calibration services.  We can also provide training on correct use of the samplers if required.

Workplace monitoring

Our pump and sampling media combinations deliver best practice workplace monitoring solutions and include:

  • Personal sampling pumps 
  • High volume sampling pumps
  • Respirable and Total Dust sampling heads complete with a choice of pre-weighed filters
  • Organic and inorganic pumped and diffusion sampling tubes


Download our Dust Monitoring Infographic

Environmental monitoring

SOCOTEC can supply a number of different tools and techniques to provide the most accurate results for pre-development baseline studies and site impact monitoring, including:

  • Frisbee Deposit Gauges
  • Adhesive Strip Directional Gauges
  • PM10 Gravimetric Samplers
  • TOPAS Real Time PM10 Monitors
  • Organic and inorganic pumped and diffusion sampling tubes
  • Charting/graphing of results for comparisons with relevant limits
  • Full suite of extended chemical analysis available (metals, PAH, PCB etc)

* A listing of SOCOTEC’s UKAS accredited activities can be found in our schedules of accreditation – Testing Laboratories 1015