Environmental Monitoring and Consultancy

SOCOTEC provides a comprehensive range of environmental monitoring and consultancy services to help companies fulfill their legal obligations and to comply with environmental regulations.

Our expert field teams provide national coverage and tailored services including site investigation, sampling and analysis, monitoring, interpretation and consultancy.

All organisations, whatever their size or function, will have an impact on the environment. SOCOTEC’s field consultants provide environmental analysis, environmental monitoring and consultancy services to assist clients in complying with legislation.


Our Services Include:


SOCOTEC's monitoring services can assess the effectiveness of control measures, demonstrate compliance with legislation, or may be a requirement of a Pollution Prevention Control / Environmental Permit. Our experienced, independent experts operate from a network of regional offices and are supported by our own in-house laboratories.


Industrial Effluent and Waste Water Management

Environmental law dealing with water quality is very extensive and where activities result in any kind of effluent being produced, consideration needs to be given to the likelihood of this causing environmental pollution.

SOCOTEC’s teams undertake Site Risk Assessments to identify the site activities that could affect watercourses, groundwater and discharges to sewers. Sampling, monitoring and analysis of discharges to watercourses and sewers, as well as borehole sampling of ground water, can be carried out to support compliance with the appropriate environmental regulations. Our consultants can also advise on waste water management plans, including minimising waste, interceptor design and periodic monitoring of discharge consents. Support can be provided for enforcement liaison.


Contaminated Land Investigation

There are still vast tracts of land containing chemical contaminants rendering sites unsuitable for development without some sort of remediation. SOCOTEC’s teams can undertake contaminated land investigations including a historical review and site survey. Intrusive site investigation can be carried out in conjunction with our SOCOTEC colleagues in the geotechnical services and laboratories and analytical divisions. Other services include the identification of hazardous materials including PCB, asbestos, radioactive waste and chemical analysis, along with advice on waste disposal, remediation and WAC testing.


Environmental Noise Assessment

Noise is the most widespread of environmental pollutants, and is the greatest source of complaints to Environmental Health Officers. SOCOTEC’s noise monitoring service supports compliance with environmental regulations and can provide data for planning permission purposes. Accurate noise monitoring is achieved through the use of high specification instrumentation, to determine noise levels. These include Type 1 sound level meters for broadband and real-time octave and one-third octave band frequency analysis. Narrow band analysers and digital recording systems for identifying specific noise sources are used for noise nuisance cases.


Ambient Air Quality Monitoring and Assessment

The effects of air pollution on health have been recognised for centuries. Legislation now focusses on maintaining or improving local air quality to protect public health. The UK National Air Quality Strategy has set targets or limit values for individual pollutants, with action plans drawn up for those areas where there is a risk that standards might be exceeded.

Our teams are equipped with the latest range of equipment to conduct continuous environmental air monitoring. Instruments have a self-logging facility to record concentrations of the pollutants over a pre-set averaging time, together with several ‘diagnostic’ parameters. Equipment can be located in our mobile laboratory for ease of movement around a site or fixed in a suitable location. Data recorded by the instrumentation is downloaded and interpreted against current standards and legislation by our qualified Scientists. Measurements and assessments include real-time measurement of carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, ozone and oxides of nitrogen, PM10 fine particulates and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


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