Cooling Tower Management

SOCOTEC is the leading expert in cooling tower management, including risk assessments and control regimes.

SOCOTEC provides a comprehensive range of cooling tower management services to help clients fulfil their legal obligations and comply with HSE regulations. Our specialist water treatment consultants provide complimentary, independent site surveys to ensure full compliance and can carry out UKAS accredited Legionella risk assessments of your water systems (UKAS 6123 inspection body).


The bacterium Legionella pneumophila can often be found in purpose-built water systems and with favourable conditions, the bacteria can multiply, increasing the risk of Legionnaires’ disease. It is essential to have appropriate measures in place to control the risk of Legionella bacteria in your cooling tower system, preventing Legionella outbreaks.

In addition to microbiological fouling, cooling systems can become inefficient through excessive water usage or if scale and corrosion are allowed to occur.

Control and Prevention

Can you be sure your water system is compliant with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulations? As a cooling tower operator, you should expect to be audited regularly in order to your ensure wet cooling systems are being managed correctly.

Providing cooling towers are well maintained, outbreaks of Legionnaires disease can be effectively prevented, in fact, a well-managed cooling tower has never been linked to an outbreak.


The HSE carry out routine inspections of many cooling systems with the following conditions frequently reported:
• Build-up of slime and algae
• Scale and corrosion
• Poorly covered ponds exposed to light and fouling
• Broken or damaged equipment


Let Us Help You Prepare

SOCOTEC’s highly experienced water consultants provide complimentary site surveys to assess your cooling tower system, including dosage and control equipment, in order to identify areas of non-compliance with the HSG274 Part One and the Approved Code of Practice and Guidance L8, “Legionnaires’ Disease – The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems”. Pre-treatment plant, water quality and plant condition are also included in the survey.

SOCOTEC manages over 100 cooling towers throughout the UK and has extensive experience in manufacturing, food and beverage, healthcare, Government, and commercial premises. Our consultants can also carry out a UKAS accredited Legionella risk assessment of your water system. In addition, SOCOTEC provide assistance with any remedial works, if necessary, to ensure full compliance.

Our testing facilities are UKAS accredited. A list of  our accredited activities can be found in our schedule of accreditation - Testing Facilities 1015.


The Five Key Control Elements

Risk assessments should be:

  • Suitable and efficient
  • Reviewed regularly
  • Developed with employee consultation


Cleaning and disinfection should include:

  • Site specific procedures
  • Cleaning and disinfection every 6-12 months with a formal report
  • Removal of pack for cleaning
  • Use of camera and endoscopes
  • Full drainage during long shutdown periods
  • Personnel protection during cleaning


Roles and responsibilities should be:

  • Clearly defined for employees and contractors


Water treatment should include:

  • Up-to-date, appropriate disinfection techniques
  • Regular water quality checks
  • Correct chemicals for the application
  • Ensuring controls are compliant to 'HSG274 Part One'
  • Remedial actions record


Routine checks and maintenance should include:

  • Full inspections
  • Regular calibration of dosing pumps
  • Maintenance of drift eliminators