Closed Water Systems

In closed water systems and Glycol systems the interiors of heat exchangers and pipes are rarely seen. Problems such as corrosion, scaling and fouling can cause high energy consumption and poor heat transfer.

Most estates and facilities managers know that systems are best protected when the chemistry of the circulating water is routinely monitored and corrected to prevent the deterioration of the systems. In other words, they understand that protective monitoring must be applied if systems are to perform at their optimum levels for many years. However, the use of Cobra hydro-cyclone separation can be a major asset in maintaining the cleanliness of these systems by removing corrosive matter, sludge and debris which are the major problems associated with closed circuit systems.


Use of a Cobra Cyclone Separator

  • Lower chemical costs by reducing potential bacteriological food sources
  • Maintain design heat transference levels by removing the sludge and debris etc. which would otherwise build up and lead to higher energy consumption and poor circulation with inconsistent environmental control within the building
  • Protect and extend the life of your systems
  • With the use of our Closed Recovery System you can eliminate purged water losses, which means no requirement to make-up the system, introducing fresh mains oxygenated and bacteriologically contaminated water (even at low levels). It also avoids diluting chemical reserves in the circuit, including Glycol.


Key Benefits of the Cobra Cyclone Separator:

  • Progressive filtration down to 5 micron
  • No media to change
  • No need for back washing
  • No reduction in flow
  • Constant minimal pressure drop
  • Only one Cobra hydro-cylone required, sized for system volume
  • No complex valving arrangement
  • No risk of causing system pressure or water loss
  • No media or dead legs for bacteria to thrive
  • Minimal servicing requirements
  • No circuit water loss with the addition of the Closed Recovery System (CRS)


BSRIA has for many years been setting standards for the cleanliness and maintenance of closed circuit systems in new and existing buildings and their latest recommendations include:

BSRIA BG29/2012

  • The system designer should “address the requirements for system cleaning at an early stage in the design of the system”
  • BSRIA recommends under the ‘Water conservation clause’ that sidestream filtration is used as a method of reducing water consumption
  • BSRIA recommends that side stream filtration is used on all systems especially on those with a capacity of over 2,500 litres

BSRIA BG50/2013

“Side stream filtration can be used to help maintain a low concentration of suspended solids in the circulating water following pre-commissioning cleaning and reduce the risk of solid deposition and under-deposit corrosion in areas of low flow. In addition to the longer term benefits of early installation of side stream filtration, it can also help to maintain water quality during the commissioning period.”


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