Air Quality Monitoring and Assessment

SOCOTEC's environmental scientists use the latest range of equipment to conduct continuous environmental air monitoring and assessment.

We are expert at providing real time measurement of carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, ozone and oxides of nitrogen at parts per billion levels.

Our instruments have a self-logging facility to record concentrations of the pollutants over a pre-set averaging time, together with several ‘diagnostic’ parameters. Monitoring for PM10 fine particulates is also possible, using real-time or pumped filter systems, together with volatile organic compounds (including benzene)

As well as short term monitoring, our instruments can be used to monitor air quality over longer periods to take into account fluctuations in meteorological conditions. The equipment can be located in SOCOTEC’s mobile laboratory for ease of transport to site and for movement around a specific area if multiple locations are required. The mobile laboratory is equipped with an auxiliary generator for power at remote sites.


Data recorded by the instrumentation is downloaded and interpreted against current standards, legislation and guidance by SOCOTEC’s environmental scientists. Fully comprehensive reports are issued, together with weather data from the Meteorological Office over the monitoring period.


  • To assess air quality for local authorities in accordance with the UK National Air Quality Strategy
  • To measure air quality around an industrial site as a requirement of a ISO 14001 Environmental Management System or IPPC Permit
  • For assisting land developers with planning applications and environmental impact assessments


For further information about SOCOTEC's air quality monitoring and assessment services please contact us.