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SOCOTEC is the UK's leading provider of testing, inspection and compliance services, with comprehensive solutions in Infrastructure & Energy and Environment & Safety.

We offer over 200 testing, inspection and compliance services to our 5,000 clients.

Operating from over 30 sites in the UK and Ireland, the company is committed to continuous improvement, innovation and quality, which underpins its operations and processes, ensuring the best possible service for its clients. Carrying out 6.7 million tests and inspections every year and boasting market leading turnaround times, SOCOTEC is well positioned to provide the solutions that your business requires.

All Services A-Z


Aggregates Testing

Air Quality & Emissions Analysis

Air Quality Monitoring and Assessment

Ammonia and Other Nitrogen Compounds

Analysis for PFCs


Asbestos Air Monitoring and 4 Stage Clearance

Asbestos in Soil, Made Ground and Construction Materials

Asbestos Management and Consultancy

Asbestos Regulation and Duty to Manage

Asbestos Surveys, Sampling and Testing

Asphalt Testing


Biogas Analysis for Landfill and Anaerobic Digestion

Bituminous Testing

Brownfield Soil Survey


Chemical Analysis

Chlorine Dioxide Dosing System

Closed Water Systems

Coal Tar Analysis

Cobra Cyclone Separator

Concrete Testing

Cone Penetration Testing

Construction Materials Testing

Contaminated Land and Contaminated Groundwater Assessments

Cooling Tower Management

Cooling Tower Water Treatment & Hygiene


Demolition and Recycled Materials Testing

Detecting Low Levels of Arsenic, Mercury and Selenium

Dioxin, Furan & PCB Analysis


Earthworks and Remediation Support Services

Energy Supply & Regulation

Environmental Chemistry

Environmental Due Diligence Advice

Environmental Forensics

Environmental Monitoring and Consultancy

Environmental Noise Assessments


Fire Accelerant Analysis

Forensic Consultancy

Drug Analysis

Forensic Services

Foundation Testing

Foundations & Structures


Gas and Dust Monitoring Instrument Hire, Service and Calibration


Geophysical, Hydrographic and Topographic Surveys

Geotechnical Services

Grease Testing and Analysis

Ground & Marine Investigation


Hand Arm and Whole Body Vibration Assessments

Determining the Strength of Hardened Mortar

Health & Safety

Health and Safety Consultancy


Identifying Unknown Materials

Incinerator Bottom Ash – Preparation, Testing and Monitoring

Infrastructure Materials Testing

Insulation Foam Analysis


Laboratories and Analytical Services

Laboratory Analysis of Gases

Laboratory Analysis of Occupational and Environmental Dust and Vapours

Land Geophysical Surveys

Landfill Monitoring and Sampling Services


Legionella Training Courses

LEV Assessments

Loss on Ignition Testing


Marine Geophysical Surveys

Marine Sediment Testing

Materials Investigation and Consultancy for Consulting Engineers

MCERTs Soil Analysis

Mercury Analysis

Metallurgy Testing and Mechanical Investigation

Mobile Laboratory On-site Testing Services



Nuclear Chemistry

Nuisance Dust Assessment and Monitoring


OASIS Water Recycling Unit

Occupational Hygiene

Oil, Lubricant & Fluid Condition Testing

Ozone Water Treatment

Ozone: Environmentally Friendly Water Treatment

Ozone: The Chemical Free Oxidant for Food and Drink Processes


Paints and Coatings Consultancy

Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) Analysis

Power Generation & Transmission

Pre-Planning Services

Protex! Electrolytic Disinfection


Radioactivity Measurements

Radioactivity Monitoring


Railhead Swab Analysis

Railway Environmental Forum


Sediment Testing

Solid Biofuels

Specialist Consultancy, On Site and Laboratory Services

Specialist Geoenvironmental & Survey Services

Specialist Material Science - Independent Assessment for Facilities Management

Specialist Services

Speciated Mercury Testing

Sprayed Concrete Testing

SRF and RDF Testing

Stack Emissions Monitoring and Testing

Steam Raising Boilers

Structural Investigations


Testing, Inspection and Compliance in Scotland

Topographic Surveys

Topsoil & Subsoil Characterisation

Total Organic Carbon Methods

Transformer Oils Testing and Analysis


Underground Utility Detection Surveys

Underwater Acoustics Monitoring


Volatile Fatty Acid Analysis


Waste Acceptance Criteria

Waste Classification of Soils

Waste Management

Waste Management Advice

Water Hygiene and Water Safety

Water Services

Water Treatment & Hygiene Services

Water Treatment Equipment