UKAS Accreditation for Oil Testing Laboratory

26 May 2016

ESG, the UK’s leading provider of testing, inspection and compliance services, is pleased to announce that it has increased its UKAS accreditation for electrical oil analysis, adding to its existing offering of UKAS accredited oil testing services under schedule no.0001.

The UKAS accreditation was formally received on 12 April and includes electrical breakdown, water content and acidity level.

In addition to the latest accreditation award, ESG offers a number of other accredited oil testing services including viscosity, polychlorinated biphenyls, wear metals and additives.

Dale Green, lubricants and fluids condition testing business manager, Energy & Waste Services, ESG said: “As a specialist provider of oil and fluid testing with over 40 years’ experience, we are extremely proud to become the only dedicated electrical oil analysis laboratory in the UK accredited by UKAS for such a wide scope of testing.

“ESG is able to support clients with a complete analytical package covering transformer oils, fuels and coolants, engine, gearbox, hydraulic, oils and greases. Our unique cloud based reporting and asset management software enables end users to ensure assets are operated reliably, safely, and with a view to remaining in service for longer.

“The new accreditation provides our clients with the confidence that ESG is committed to providing accurate and independent results to the highest quality standards.”

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