SOCOTEC’s Asbestos Division – How We Operate

SOCOTEC’s Asbestos Division – How We Operate

As a core asset of the SOCOTEC Group, SOCOTEC’s Asbestos team delivers a wide range of asbestos management and consultancy services to business of all sizes and across all sectors. Operating to the same exacting standards, systems and goals as the wider organisation, the Asbestos team pride themselves on their bespoke, client-focussed approach with every service they provide.

This five-piece series will offer an overview into some of the key roles within SOCOTEC’s Asbestos division and how they work within the business. These blogs will document a day in the life of specific members of the Asbestos team: a technical manager, laboratory analyst; analyst/surveyor, business development manager and administrator. Each individual will provide insight into what a typical day looks like, as well as expanding into other areas such as their career history, current projects and any challenges they may face on the job.

Nationwide expertise

With an extensive network of seven regional offices and six UKAS-accredited laboratories situated as far north as East Kilbride and as far south as Bridgend and Romford, the Asbestos team are fully equipped to provide management and consultancy solutions across the country. Services include surveying (in line with UKAS no. 0148 requirements), air monitoring (UKAS no. 1089), laboratory analysis/sampling (UKAS no. 1089), UKATA and CIBSE-approved asbestos awareness training and project managing the removal of asbestos. The team also carry out testing and analysis for asbestos in soils across their Doncaster, Bridgend and Bretby laboratories, which are UKAS-accredited.

Both local and national clients are able to benefit from the Asbestos team’s expertise and services, with every office and laboratory situated to ensure that members of the team are in close proximity to clients nationwide. This also enables the team to manage workload capacity and transport asbestos samples elsewhere across the business as needed, which has a positive effect on efficiency and turnaround times.

Enhanced knowledge

Delivering asbestos consultancy and management solutions to clients of all types and across all sectors, every day poses a new challenge for SOCOTEC’s Asbestos division. The team has amassed a wide range of experience by providing testing and compliance services to the domestic, commercial and industrial property sectors, as well as within transport and logistics, infrastructure, education, healthcare, local and central government and the military. Staff are then encouraged to pass on the knowledge they have acquired from each service onto their colleagues.

From surveyors and lab analysts to project managers and technical experts, there are many different areas of expertise that make up the Asbestos team. As a result, SOCOTEC is planning to introduce a five-piece series to examine each of these job roles in greater detail, as well as relating how the operations provided by these key individuals contribute to the success of the wider group.  

2018 proved an extremely successful year for this area of the business, with 43,256 asbestos samples analysed and services provided to 1,759 clients. In addition, the team continued to expand in order to accommodate growing demand – SOCOTEC’s Asbestos division currently comprises 70 surveyors, 20 project managers and 45 analysts.

SOCOTEC’s Asbestos team continuously strive to develop and improve, and with so many different projects on the go, there are always opportunities to further enhance each team member’s level of expertise. The team also strongly believes in creating room for internal progression and development, with staff encouraged to look for new ways to grow both personally and professionally, such as via training courses or helping to develop new, innovative and efficient methods of working. This dedication to continual improvement has enabled the division to channel their newly acquired knowledge into new and upcoming projects and transfer their experience from one sector into another. Key clients are also able to benefit considerably from this approach, as the team are fully skilled in capacity management and prioritising their workload to ensure an efficient, effective and high quality service.

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