Legionella Control Association Certificate Secured

Tue 30/09/2014 - 14:48

ESG strives to comply with accredited service providers to ensure that our clients have the peace of mind that our processes, procedures, technical expertise and services are quality assured.

This month, Legionella Control Association membership (LCA) for the 2014/2015 period has been achieved by ESG’s Water Hygiene team.

The LCA is a voluntary organisation that permits its members to provide services and products to control legionella bacteria in water systems. The primary aim is to ensure that water systems are safe and to minimise the risk of Legionnaire’s disease caused by poorly maintained water systems.

Paul Sear, technical manager, Water Hygiene at ESG, successfully re-registered with LCA and commented on the recent re-registration: “It’s a great achievement on behalf of the whole Water Hygiene team at Bretby and Thame. They all put great effort into obtaining the certificate and I want to share my gratitude with everyone. The LCA certificate ensures client reassurance and provides them with the peace of mind that ESG complies with accredited service providers.”

By obtaining this certificate ESG is permitted to provide Legionella assessments, hot and cold water monitoring and inspection services, cleaning and disinfection services, independent consultancy services, training, water treatment  and plant and equipment services. ESG will continue to provide a complete range of individually designed solutions for a variety of water systems at both single and multi-building sites in offices, schools, hospitals, complex industrial units and for the railway sector.

To find out further information regarding SOCOTEC’s Legionella Consultancy and Water Hygiene services, you can click here. To access the LCA membership certificate please click here.