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    The Use of the Plate Load and California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Tests in Construction

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    Plate Bearing, CBR & EV2 Testing

    Discovering Asbestos in Post-2000 Buildings

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    asbestos post 2000 buildings

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    From construction, rail and transport to energy and local authorities and services, all sectors of activity are affected by risk prevention and performance improvement.

    SOCOTEC's blog section is dedicated to the topic of risk prevention, helping to improve company performance in this area. Each blog has been developed specifically with our customers in mind, providing them with regular information on the latest news related to risk prevention and allowing them to benefit directly from our expertise.

    Here, you will find a selection of topics decoding current issues that are useful to your business. This includes articles (whether written under the aegis of our sector specialists or chosen for their contribution to the debate), news items, monitoring updates to sector regulations, expert opinions, concrete case studies and client feedback.

    Whether you are a technical director, HSE manager, HR manager, company manager or project manager, we hope that our blogs will provide you with a daily insight into the issues that impact your industry.

    We hope you enjoy reading!