Real-Time Data Visualisation

SOCOTEC UK provides the ability to access and visualise data through our key portal applications.


MiPortal is a powerful, yet easy to use digital management system providing a comprehensive and independent solution for corporate compliance. The system delivers real-time information from reports to results and tasks to actions. Using MiPortal allows organisations to fulfil their legal obligations and achieve best practice, helping to manage risk, maintain business continuity and drive continuous improvement.

This innovative system has been designed with you in mind, meaning it can be configured to your organisation’s individual requirements. Its flexibility means it can be utilised as a basic document library, through to a full compliance management system to help control risk. MiPortal takes information from a wide range of sources, including MiPortal’s portfolio of mobile applications, and combines it into one central management system, all presented through the intuitive MiPortal dashboard.

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Calyx OMS

For 30 years, SOCOTEC UK has provided specialist expertise in the design, installation and data visualisation of bespoke geotechnical, structural and environmental monitoring systems for construction and asset management projects around the world, reducing risks to people, property, budgets and timescales.

SOCOTEC UK provides real-time visualisation of data from thousands of sensors 24 hours a day, seven days a week through our web-based Calyx software. Not only can our software be relied upon to provide a clear view of the data collected but also, importantly, to issue alerts when action is needed to maintain the integrity of the site.

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Custom Mobile Applications

In addition to our Portal applications, SOCOTEC UK also has development capabilities to produce and deliver customised and bespoke mobile applications direct to client devices using our mobile applications framework.

Any tablet or smart-phone can surface real-time reports and data visualisations, giving instant access to essential data or request services with just a few clicks. These applications can also offer the ability to request services or support, submit data back to the central system whilst out in the field and scale up from a mobile device to a PC/Laptop instantly – giving you the flexibility you need in an ever-changing hardware climate.


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FND Portal

We have introduced the fully automated and remote monitoring of load testing in the UK with the FND Portal. The FND Portal offers a unique, secure profile which offers ease of access to all of the aspects required to implement a Maintained Load Test.

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