Business Ready - Certification

With SOCOTEC’s Certification Support Package, clients will receive complete confidence and peace of mind that their organisation is certified, compliant and safe to fully resume business operations with respect to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Business Ready Support Package – Certification

Business Ready Certification

SOCOTEC’s team of experts will ensure that all health and safety legislation is adhered to and the appropriate safety measures and guidelines are in place within your organisation to lower the risk of transmission as employees return to work. As well as providing certification and training services, the Certification Support Package will also guarantee that communication with staff representative bodies is maintained at all times, with information regarding safety and certification also delivered to the relevant stakeholders and customers.

In the context set by the Government, SOCOTEC Certification International supports its customers and partners to maintain compliance and prepare them for new challenges to come. Skills development and processes evaluation is at the heart of our expertise. Before business can gradually return to normal, measures must be taken to protect the health of your employees and customers.

SOCOTEC Certification International can provide Certification of your Health Risk Management Systems, carried out by defining a three year audit program to assess the system’s performance.  This certification aims to demonstrate the compliance and performance of your Health Risk Management. 

Health Risk Management System

This certification has been designed for all companies that receive people at their premises, whether staff, partners, customers or users. It enables to demonstrate that your organization ensure health risk management. For more information, visit SOCOTEC Certification.

SOCOTEC can also assist with a range of testing, inspection and compliance issues that may have arisen within your organisation during the course of the Coronavirus outbreak, from statutory inspections and organisational procedures to remote monitoring and lone working. Click on each of the areas below to see how we can help your business return to work safely: