Business Ready - Assurance

SOCOTEC’s Assurance Support Package offers an additional level of support for clients looking to get ‘business ready’ after the global pandemic.

COVID-19 Secure Support Packages – Assurance

Business Ready Assurance

As part of this package, an audit of their company premises will be carried out in line with government guidance. A report containing customised recommendations and any corrective actions required to become fully compliant with COVID-19 safety measures and guidelines will also be delivered, followed by a certificate of assurance once evidence of the completion of all corrective actions has been received.  

Clients can also opt for the Assurance Plus Support Package, which features an additional bolt-on service in the form of environmental swab testing. By incorporating this add-on service into their support package, organisations can determine the presence of SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus) strains across a range of workplace environments, helping to reduce the level of transmission through indirect contact on contaminated surfaces such as door handles, window sills and toilets. Please note that a minimum of five swab tests must be carried out in order to qualify for this service. You can find out more about SOCOTEC’s Environmental Swabbing method here.

If your business requirements do not precisely match the offerings within the Assurance and Assurance Plus Support Packages, SOCOTEC can tailor the contents accordingly to create a package that is bespoke to your needs. Get in touch to discuss your individual requirements and find out how SOCOTEC’s ‘Business Ready’ Assurance and Assurance Plus packages can help your organisation to safe and compliant in line with COVID-19 guidelines.

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SOCOTEC can also assist with a range of testing, inspection and compliance issues that may have arisen within your organisation during the course of the Coronavirus outbreak, from statutory inspections and organisational procedures to remote monitoring and lone working. Click on each of the areas below to see how we can help your business return to work safely: