Olympic Park, London

In order to provide access to the Olympic Park complex, various existing access routes needed to be upgraded and modified.

Summary of the works

Client – BAM Nuttall
Contract name – Bridge U02 – Olympic Park, London
Approx. Value – £330,000
Start Date – August 2009
Completion Date – Feb 2012

One such access route to the south of the park involved enlarging and lowering a road which passed directly under Bridge U02. This particular bridge supports an extremely important cast-iron Victoria sewer and it was critical that this remained undamaged throughout the construction works.

ITM Monitoring, now SOCOTEC Monitoring UK Ltd, was contracted in 2009 to design and install a comprehensive bespoke monitoring scheme that would provide detailed information on the structure’s performance. This was achieved using various tilt sensors, crack meters, and strain gauges located on the barrel itself and fixed to the hangers supporting the sewer. Complimented by an automated vibration monitoring system, all data was reported back to the client via ITM Monitoring’s web-based portal, ARGUS. An audio-visual alarm was installed to warn workers of any trigger breaches.