Installation and ongoing monitoring throughout the Victoria Station Upgrade (VSU) project

ITM Monitoring, now SOCOTEC Monitoring UK Ltd, was contracted by London Underground Limited (LUL) to provide both installation and ongoing monitoring throughout the Victoria Station Upgrade (VSU) project.

This two stage civil engineering development comprises of monitoring for both the construction and post construction periods.

Summary of the works:

Client: London Underground Limited (Stage 1) and Taylor-Woodrow BAM Nuttall Joint Venture (Stage 2)
Start date: 2009
Duration: Ongoing
Monitoring systems: A range of geotechnical and structural monitoring instruments including:
Robotic total stations and Prisms, Piezometers, Vertical and Horizontal In Place Inclinometers, Magnetic extensometers, Electrolevel tilt sensors, Shape Arrays, Vibration geophones, Crack meters, ARGUS monitoring software, STAR*NET survey network adjustment software

Victoria Underground Station is at the heart of London’s transport network and is one of the busiest and most congested stations, used by around 100 million passengers each year. Works are underway in an effort to relieve congestion at the station to include:

  • A new underground North Ticket Hall at the junction of Bressenden Place and Victoria Street, with an entrance at street level
  • Doubling in size of the existing Victoria Line Ticket Hall (South Ticket Hall)
  • 400m of new interchange tunnels, connecting the South & North ticket halls and the District & Circle Line platforms
  • Full modernisation of the existing station areas, including 9 new escalators and 7 new lifts to provide step free access between street, ticket hall and Victoria line platform levels
  • Improved access and new lifts between the National Rail and Victoria line platforms and between the Victoria line and District and Circle lines platforms

During Stage 1 of the Victoria Station Upgrade Project, ITM Monitoring provided both installation and ongoing monitoring to collect 12 months of background data for third party structures and London Underground assets within the zone of influence of the works, the purpose of which was to capture a baseline set of movements occurring prior to construction work commencing. Third party structures and London Underground assets which needed monitoring included: Victoria Palace Theatre, Apollo Victoria Theatre & Network Rail Station (all Grade II listed structures), John Lewis HQ and various other office blocks, businesses and residences. The background data was then used as a baseline for the continued structural monitoring undertaken during Stage 2 of the project.

Stage 2 is currently in progress with ITM Monitoring sub-contracted to Taylor-Woodrow BAM Nuttall Joint Venture to provide monitoring for both the construction and post-construction periods for the duration of the civil engineering works. The wide variety of installed instrumentation covers a range of applications for fully automated and manual monitoring of structures and assets, both above and below ground.

Once all construction at Victoria Underground Station is complete, a 6 month period of close-out monitoring will be undertaken prior to decommissioning and removal of the monitoring instrumentation.

All data collected throughout the duration of construction and post-construction works at Victoria Station Upgrade is presented to the client via ITM Monitoring’s web based monitoring software ARGUS, which processes all data, carries out any requisite calculations on the data and presents the results for the client in their preferred format – pictorial, graphical or tabular – which can be viewed from any device with internet capability. Alarm messages can be generated through SMS and email, and PDF reports can be automatically created.